Financial and Managerial Accounting

Our Financial and Managerial Accounting Course is designed to give Owners and Managers a real world understanding of the numbers side of their enterprises. In discussing the accounting concepts that are so important to the continued success of your company and your career, we provide a deeper understanding in non-technical language of the accounting issues that affect today’s management decisions.
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What are Accounting Source Documents and How long to retain records

One of the most commonly asked questions is What are Accounting Source Documents and how must they be kept? In this electronic age is it acceptable to simply maintain an electronic copy of bank statements, canceled checks, receipts, invoices, and all of the other source documents that make up the evidence of your income, payroll, and sales tax return accounting? Further, How long must you keep these tax records? Is it two years? Ten? Forever? Which particular records must be kept? What are accounting records and How long to retain records are explored and answered in this section.



  • What are accounting source documents

  • Keep tax records

  • How long to retain records

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