Quickbooks for Beginners

Our Quickbooks Beginner Course video helps make small business accounting easy. It will help you to Set up the program Organize your finances Help you reduce your expenses Organize key Financial Reports Help with your payroll Be ready at Tax Time Whether you are using Quick Books, Quickbooks 2011, Quickbooks Pro, Quickbooks for Mac, Quickbooks Premier, Quickbooks 2010, or Quickbooks Enterprise our tutorial can help. It's the best HOW TO QUICKBOOKS Course of its kind!
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The practical side of Accounts Payable, How to Pay a Bill, and saving time

In many instances, using any computerized accounts payable system to manage and pay a bill can be a waste of precious time, taking you away from satisfying your customers and improving your products. In many instances, these Accounts Payable systems are quite necessary. Sometimes the sheer volume of bill payments make them necessary. Oftentimes the prepayment of certain bills allows you to take a predetermined discount off of the invoice.


But there are also situations, when this way to pay bills can be a waste of time. In certain applications, the old fashioned way of handling Accounts Payable and independent contractor payments is the most time saving and therefore beneficial way. We present real world examples so that you can make an informed choice.

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