Financial and Managerial Accounting

Our Financial and Managerial Accounting Course is designed to give Owners and Managers a real world understanding of the numbers side of their enterprises. In discussing the accounting concepts that are so important to the continued success of your company and your career, we provide a deeper understanding in non-technical language of the accounting issues that affect today’s management decisions.
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Return on Assets - Debt Ratio

Accounting Ratios are used to gauge the health of a business and are used as comparisons over time periods. The ROA Return on Assets Ratio or Return on Assets Ratio is usually used by asset heavy businesses like manufacturers, transportation, or shipping concerns to make sure that those assets are performing properly and producing the proper amount of revenue.

Debt Ratios or a Debt Ratio Formula is also explored in this section. The Income to Debt Ratio is used by Debt Laden Businesses such as Developers or Landlords to gauge and predict their ability to service their debts.


  • Return on Asset
  • Return on Asset Ratio
  • ROA Return On Assets
  • Net Return on Assets
  • Return on Assets Equation
  • Return on Total Asset
  • Debt Ratio
  • Debt Ratios
  • Debt Ratio Formula
  • Income to Debt Ratio>

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