Quickbooks for Beginners

Our Quickbooks Beginner Course video helps make small business accounting easy. It will help you to Set up the program Organize your finances Help you reduce your expenses Organize key Financial Reports Help with your payroll Be ready at Tax Time Whether you are using Quick Books, Quickbooks 2011, Quickbooks Pro, Quickbooks for Mac, Quickbooks Premier, Quickbooks 2010, or Quickbooks Enterprise our tutorial can help. It's the best HOW TO QUICKBOOKS Course of its kind!
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How to Manage Customers, Quickbooks Invoices, Quickbooks Sales, and Make a Quickbooks Deposit

In Chapter Two, we go through the basics that are necessary on the income side of your small business accounting software. We begin with a detailed step by step guide on how to set up customers in the Quickbooks Customer List and the Quickbooks Customer Center. Next we show you how to create a Quickbooks Invoice, and go through all of the details of payment terms, shipping details, purchase pricing and sales tax. Next we show how to make a deposit against an invoice by debit card, check, and cash.



Further we get into some accounting basics on record keeping and the proper way to physically keep records. In this electronic age, it is very easy to make costly mistakes under the misunderstanding that electronic records are admissible in taxation proceeding here in the U.S. We talk about what records must be kept in their original format, and how long they must be maintained. Lastly, we discuss the basic differences between cash vs accrual basis accounting and introduce the basics of tax planning for you and your business.



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