Financial and Managerial Accounting

Our Financial and Managerial Accounting Course is designed to give Owners and Managers a real world understanding of the numbers side of their enterprises. In discussing the accounting concepts that are so important to the continued success of your company and your career, we provide a deeper understanding in non-technical language of the accounting issues that affect today’s management decisions.
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Chart of Accounts – Cash Flow Statement – Bank Reconciliation

We wrap up Chapter One with a discussion of what A Chart of Accounts is. This is a part of accounting which has changed somewhat in today's electronic age. An older chart of accounts begins with a number, while a newer chart of accounts is keyed primarily to the name of the account. A detailed definition of What is a Cash Flow Statement follows along with how this Statement of Cash Flows can aid in your Cash Flow Analysis. Next we get into What is Bank Reconciliation. Whether you are doing Online Banking or working from an actual Bank Statement being able to perform a Bank Reconciliation and actually knowing What is a Bank Reconciliation will substantially aid in your management of operations.


  • Chart of Accounts

  • A Chart of Accounts is

  • What is Chart of Accounts

  • Cash Flow Statement

  • Statement of Cash Flow

  • viagra bodybuilding competition What is a Cash Flow Statement

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • where can i buy cheap generic viagra online Bank Reconciliation

  • costo confezione cialis 10 mg What is Bank Reconciliation

  • Bank Statement Reconciliation

  • What is a Bank Reconciliation

  • Online Banking

  • Bank Statement

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