Financial and Managerial Accounting

Our Financial and Managerial Accounting Course is designed to give Owners and Managers a real world understanding of the numbers side of their enterprises. In discussing the accounting concepts that are so important to the continued success of your company and your career, we provide a deeper understanding in non-technical language of the accounting issues that affect today’s management decisions.
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Accounts Payable and How to do Accounts Payable

The proper way to handle an Account Payable and How to do your Accounts Payable are very important issues in management. We provide a definition and description of Accounts Payable and then go through some real world examples on the best way to handle this side of your enterprise. Sometimes using a modern computerized Accounts Payable Ledger is the only way to save money and time. But sometimes using one of these systems is a waste of time when Accounting for Accounts Payable.



  • Accounts Payable

  • Account Payable

  • How to do Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Payable Ledger

  • What is Accounts Payable

  • Account Payable

  • Description of Accounts Payable

  • Accounting for Accounts Payable

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