Financial and Managerial Accounting

Our Financial and Managerial Accounting Course is designed to give Owners and Managers a real world understanding of the numbers side of their enterprises. In discussing the accounting concepts that are so important to the continued success of your company and your career, we provide a deeper understanding in non-technical language of the accounting issues that affect today’s management decisions.
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Accounting for Income, Proof of Income, and which side of an income tax return is most important

Income verification, Proof of Income, and Accounting for Income Tax are important subjects. Without the proper Proof of Accounting Income, if you are audited you may have extreme difficulties. An Audit is a verification of claims. An example would be that we claim we had $1,000,000 in sales. In an audit, we need to have proof of that Income, proof that we didn’t have more. Accounting for income and having the proper Proof of Income in an audit is incredibly important to the continued protection of you and your entity.



  • Accounting Income

  • Accounting for Income Tax

  • Proof of Income

  • What is Proof of Income

  • Income verification

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